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Tenant Screening Services

Inquisitores Company is a Private Detective Agency that assists landlords across the United States by providing Tenant Screening Services consisting of National Civil Courts Searches, National Criminal Searches, Credit Checks, and Deep-Dive Background Checks in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands. Inquisitores empowers landlords to make right decisions, to reduce their risk, and to maximize their rent collection.

Stop wondering about what you don't know and find out with Inquisitores:
• Will your prospective tenant pay rent on time?
• Is your applicant a risk to your other tenants?
• Is this the right tenant for you?

Those are questions all landlords and property managers ask when screening a prospective tenant. Unfortunately those questions can’t be answered anymore just with a reference check, a credit report, or your gut feeling. The most important step that you can take to protect your rental property is to use Inquisitores Tenant Screening Service. Find out what you don’t know about your applicants using our Detective Agency.
Take the time and Verify before you trust

Protect your investment. Trusting a tenant to pay the rent on time and in full, and to carry out the terms of the lease, can be difficult.

The Right Services for tenants

We make it easy to apply with our online application and comprehensive screening process.

We are on your team – Let us help you

Unfortunately tenant screening takes time and proper tools. It can take away from other important things that you may need to get accomplished.

Need to run a background and a credit check today? Our detective agency has access to law-enforcement grade tools that are not available to property management companies, regular tenant screening organizations, or credit bureaus. We dive deep into applicants' backgrounds. You will know more about a prospective tenant than you would ever know from any credit check. Landlords have access to a “Landlord’s Portal” where they can see all their properties, all their tenants, documents, maintenance requests, and financial reports. All for a small monthly subscription fee of $9.99/m. There is no limit on number of properties, number of units, or number of tenants.

About us

We Are a Private Detective Agency Helping Landlords.

We believe in helping you before, during, and after the tenant screening process. If you are a landlord, an investor, or a property manager review our tailored tenant screening services, so we can help you mediate costs and headaches. We will help you find the right tenants for your property.
  • Risk Identification

    Let’s start with risk identification. What is the cost of a bad tenant to a landlord? Months of lost rent revenue. Attorney fees and court costs in eviction. Possible property damage. Lost sleep and stress. Bad influence on other tenants.

  • Assessment

    Eviction moratoriums and cancel rent movements diminish landlord’s rights. Tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of tenants are not paying rent. According to the City Bureau, a Chicago-based civic journalism lab, approximately 1 million tenants face eviction. How do landlords insure they do not inherit other people problems?

  • traditional Credit checks are not enough

    Risk is defined as the result, or consequence of a given threat having been carried out. It is a loss, many times measured in money, but that is not the only measurement. With sealed to the public eviction records, and lock of transparency, landlords are not capable of choosing best qualified tenants using the traditional methods.

  • Solution

    The solution is comprehensive Tenant Screening Services by Inquisitores Company, a licensed private detective agency. Inquisitores Company provides information that is otherwise not available to landlords.


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We send digital application invites to applicants, or to landlords. Landlords then can forward the link to their prospective tenants. The link is rental unit specific. Applicants order their own Tenant Screening online and pay onetime $49.99 fee. The landlord decides who's the most qualified tenant and to whom to rent. Tenants have access to a “Tenant’s Portal” where they can see their Renters Insurance, submit maintenance requests, see payment history, rents due, and make online rent payments via eCheck, Debit Card, or Credit Card. Payments are automatically deposited into landlord’s bank account.

Get in touch

Got a question? We would love to help! Have you ever tried calling a company and found out that their customer support is online only? Or, that their customer support team is from India? We are proud to offer a “Made in the USA” customer support. You can reach us either by phone, live chat, or through email,
Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, and Saturday-Sunday 10am-3pm.