January 10, 2019

Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), Radio Frequency (RF) Fields, Dirty Electricity, and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

How did we get into the EMF Assessments and Remediation?

In the world of the eavesdropping detection, counter-surveillance security, and counterespionage we work with Radio Frequencies (RF Fields) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on regular bases. Bugs emit RF and EMF and that’s how we are able to find them. Our equipment is designed to detect devices (legal and illegal) that operate in a wide range of frequencies from very low to very high.

What is the biggest challenge when sweeping for eavesdropping bugs?

It’s the wide range of RF and EMF interference from other devices that give false-positive readings, such as: Radios, TVs, Routers, Modems, WIFI, Bluetooth, electric appliances, lighting, phones, electric circuits, Smart-Meters, and many more ordinary household items that you would never suspect that they may be emitting electromagnetic radiation. In the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) area, the technician doing the sweep must be able to distinguish between EMF Pollution and actual Bugs operating in the same space.

Why do we do EMF Assessments and Remediation in addition to Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)?

Because a lot of people suffer unnecessarily from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) and others are at risk even if they are not aware of how their homes and businesses that supposed to nourish and protect them, instead make them sick. The second reason is that we are the experts in the area of RF and EMF detection and remediation. We have the know-how and we use very sophisticated equipment that allows us to detect even the smallest amounts of RF and EMF radiation.

How do EMFs sound if your ears could hear them?

Digitally modulated signals have unique and distinct sound patterns. Click on the link to hear samples of EMF pollution.

An important characteristic of electromagnetic fields (EMF) is whether it is ionizing or non-ionizing radiation. Electromagnetic waves are carried by particles called quanta. Some electromagnetic waves carry so much energy per quantum that they have the ability to break bonds between molecules. In the electromagnetic spectrum, gamma rays emitted by radioactive materials, cosmic rays and X-rays have this ability and are called “ionizing radiation”. Fields whose quanta are insufficient to break molecular bonds are called “non-ionizing radiation“.

Man-made sources of electromagnetic fields (EMF) such as electric lines, microwaves, radiofrequency fields (RF) are found at the relatively long wave-length and low-frequency end of the electromagnetic spectrum. While their quanta are unable to break chemical bonds between molecules, they are sufficient to cause excitation energy that is absorbed by our bodies.

Types of EMF Exposure

EMF Assessments & Remediation

inquiṡitóres Company offers EMF Assessments and Remediation with state of the art professional equipment that allows us to identify sources of RF and EMF pollution in homes and businesses. In addition to testing, we offer mitigation solutions designed to lower your RF and EMF exposure. For more information or to schedule an EMF Assessment call +1 (773) 902-3131, or complete the contact form below.