January 10, 2019

EMF Research

Research on Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure & Building Biology

Our vast experience in eavesdropping detection and counter-surveillance security gives us the understanding, knowledge, and experience of detecting RF and EMF Fields. The equipment that we use every day to find bugs also shows the RF and EMF fields that are produced in homes and businesses by other devices. To schedule onsite EMF-RF Assessments and Remediation call 773-902-3131.

Doctor Erica Mallery-Blythe – EMF Radiation message for doctors

EMF/EMR is currently classified as a class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization, alongside mercury, lead, asbestos, and diesel exhaust. Most Americans may be at risk due to the daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation, commonly referred to as EMR or EMF. There is an incredible body of research and studies that linked electromagnetic radiation exposure to: cancer, leukemia, sleep disorders, alterations in serotonin and dopamine production, and behavioral issues in children.

The safety of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Smart Meters, Cell Phones, Electric Appliances, and other enabled wireless devices is being questioned by doctors, scientists, and the public. You may also look into the Bioinitiative Report (2007-2012) on Low-intensity Electromagnetic Radiation that was conducted by 29 scientists and doctors from around the world.

EMF Assessments & Remediation

inquiṡitóres Company offers EMF Assessments and Remediation with state of the art professional equipment that allows us to identify sources of RF and EMF pollution in homes and businesses. In addition to testing, we offer mitigation solutions designed to lower your RF and EMF exposure.  For more information or to schedule an EMF Assessment call +1 (773) 902-3131, or complete the contact form below.