November 17, 2018

Laser Microphones

Laser Microphones

This short and simple YouTube video shows how the light can carry a sound. Real laser microphones are far more sophisticated and they are much more effective.

Laser Microphone is a highly sophisticated surveillance device that projects a visible or an invisible infrared laser beam that allows the operator to conduct a surveillance operation on any targeted room with at least one window at a distance of over 1,500 feet. The Laser Microphone senses vibrations on the window glass that are caused by sound waves generated by speech inside the room. As the laser beam bounces off the target window it caries sound waves that are converted into electronic signals.  After signals are filtered and amplified, they are fed into a recording unit where an operator can monitor and record the conversation simultaneously in real time.

The laser microphone was developed for government and law enforcement units to use covertly in situations when entering a building is not suitable. The Laser Microphone is hard to detect since the infrared laser beam is completely invisible to the naked eye.  The Laser Microphone is very easy-to-assemble and it’s easy-to-use. It contains three main components: a laser transmitter, a laser receiver, and amplifier/equalizer unit with an audio recorder. There are some high-end Laser Microphones that can listen through walls.

Some of the most effective ways of securing premises against a Laser Microphone are vibro-acoustic noise generation that provides protection by creating broadband vibro-acoustic interference on the potentially hazardous room structures (windows, air ducts, wells, etc.). A generator creates vibro-acoustic noise interference that is transmitted to structures through the vibration transducers. Another security measure is to install RF/Laser blocking film onto the surface of windows that are at risk. Counter-surveillance security conducted during meetings is an essential component of good anti-eavesdropping protection.

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