February 18, 2019

New Construction

Build with Materials that Promote Health and Energy Efficiency

New construction and remodeling are great opportunities to create EMF and RF free environments. Healthy living should be the focus of every builder because it is the top priority of every new home buyer.

There are thousands of EMF studies showing a negative impact on the human body. It is the easiest to properly protect a home during its construction or remodeling. When assisting clients with new construction or remodeling, we focus on the following:

  • EMF shielding of electrical wiring
  • EMF-RF shielding from external sources, such as cell towers
  • Installing hardwired shielded whole-house networking and phone lines
  • Installing grounded floors and walls

Example of new construction in Canada effected by a Cell Phone Tower

EMF Assessments and Remediation

inquiṡitóres Company offers EMF Assessments and Remediation with state of the art professional equipment that allows us to identify sources of RF and EMF pollution in homes and businesses. In addition to testing, we offer mitigation solutions designed to lower your RF and EMF exposure. For more information or to schedule an EMF Assessment call +1 (773) 902-3131, or complete the contact form below.