February 17, 2019

Real Estate Brokers

How to Handle EMF Questions From Buyers and Sellers

Property inspections after acceptance of an offer are a common thing in real estate transactions. However, a typical home inspection does not take into consideration any EMF problems. The house that supposed to protect your clients and nourish their families, may make them sick.

The issue of health effects from EMF has been the subject of much study and debate. Over the last 30 years, thousands of studies on EMF have been conducted throughout the world. If you have buyers or sellers that are concerned about EMF radiation Inquisitores Company performs EMF/RF property inspections.

What Can be Done to Limit EMF Exposure?

There are many remedies that could be applied. Some may be as simple as removing the items that generate EMF radiation, other solutions are in a form of shielding and filtering. In many cases, simply changing the lifestyle can generate exposure to EMF/RF radiation.

Proper remedise depend on the inspection findings. Every house is different and every location has to deal with different circumstances and influences. But the good news is that there are many things that could be done to create a safer environment for your clients. Dirty Electricity can be reduced with filters, Opt-ing Out from a Smart Meter, installing RF shielding, and removing the items inside the house that generate EMF would help.

EMF Assessments & Remediation

inquiṡitóres Company offers EMF Assessments and Remediation with state of the art professional equipment that allows us to identify sources of RF and EMF pollution in homes and businesses. In addition to testing, we offer mitigation solutions designed to lower your RF and EMF exposure. For more information or to schedule an EMF Assessment call +1 (773) 902-3131, or complete the contact form below.