November 29, 2018

Security Breach

Tools the Attacker May Use To Steal Your Information

You must start thinking about it now: “How would an attacker gain access to my information?”  Eavesdropping detection, counter-surveillance security, and counterespionage consulting are not just about cybersecurity or applications. The issue has to be viewed from a global perspective because the attacker will not focus just on one toolset, but may have a full spectrum of tools to use against you.  The attacker may have a team:

  • Social Engineering Team – will give the attacker access to your facilities.
  • Technical Team – will build transmitters that may operate on cellular burst technology.
  • Code Writing Team – will exploit your network for weaknesses.
  • The Execution Team – will plant eavesdropping devices in place.

You must protect and inspect for: Cellular, Radio, WiFi, Bluetooth, DECT/NG-DECT/CAT-iq, BMS, and Hardwired Infrastructure against security breaches.

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