November 22, 2018

Physical Security

Temporary Security

Temporary Security consists of personal protection and security during conferences/confidential meetings, board meetings, and any other classified conversations or events. Engage inquiṡitóres Company today to secure your event with white noise generation, signal jamming, and/or broadband vibro-acoustic interference on the potentially hazardous room structures.


Permanent Security

Permanent Security Systems include but are not limited to 24/7 Physical Security Systems, Access Control Systems, and Video Monitoring Systems that secure access to facilities, offices, floors, and/or buildings. Engage inquiṡitóres Company today to assist you with the installation and integration of monitored 24/7 security systems, access control, CCTV, and video monitoring.


Camera To Camera Communication

Backed by over twenty years of research and development, we provide unparalleled safety through rules and video analytics that deliver robust system integration and intelligent video surveillance in residential and commercial applications.

When using a mix of fixed dome or bullet cameras and PTZ cameras, your system could now communicate with an auto-tracking camera, so any event or possible intrusion can be immediately tracked.


Analytics in Action:


Double Tripwire

When dual lines are crossed by an object of a predetermined size range – like a person walking past, or a car or delivery truck driving up – cameras generate alerts or notifications.


Object Abandonment

Expecting a delivery? Analytics can monitor when packages or other stationary objects are left behind on your property.


Missing Object

Make sure that your special delivery or other objects on your property don’t walk away. Monitor when and why a stationary object is removed from the site.



Track people as they enter or exit a pre-defined area, like walking within a certain distance of the front door.



Receive alerts when parked cars or a person enter a particular zone for pre-determined amounts of time.



A version of the Double Tripwire, a single trip line generates an alert whenever a pre-configured line is crossed, regardless of the object’s speed.

inquiṡitóres Company can implement Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) to protect your privacy. Our superior deductive and inductive investigative techniques will help you detect and eliminate security threats, which you now face.

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