September 18, 2021


The Right Services For You

ONLINE APPLICATIONS AND SCREENING: Inquisitores Company (“Inquisitores”) makes it easy to apply with our online application and comprehensive Tenant Screening Services. We send tenants digital application invites to apply. Each Rental Application link is specific to the property you are applying for. Applicants order their own Tenant Screening Services and pay $49.99 fee for the screening.  After processing, Inquisitores shares the results with the landlord, and the landlord chooses the best qualified tenant.
MOVE-IN PROCESS: The landlord exclusively decides to whom to rent his/her/it real property. Inquisitores only provides Tenant Screening Services/information. Applicants must contract the landlord with all application questions and concerns. The landlord solely determines who is the most qualified tenant and decides to whom to rent to.
ONLINE RENT PAYMENTS: Inquisitors offers landlords and tenants optional capability to collect/pay rents electronically via: Electronic Checks (ACH), and Credit/Debit Cards. Once an Applicant becomes a tenant, contact your landlord for instruction on how to pay rent. Your landlord will inform you if he/she/it uses Online Tent Payment.
RENTER’S INSURANCE: The importance of protecting your assets cannot be overstated. Inquisitores provides affordable Renters Insurance, giving you the peace of mind that your property is protected. Renters Insurance is paid monthly by tenants through Inquisitores (typically $15/m) in addition to the rent amount. Renters Insurance protects tenant’s personal property (EXP: $5,000) and it also provides liability coverage (EXP: $100,000).

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